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Letra de T Dot x Bando Gz - Get Even

Letra del single de música Hip Hop 'Get Even' interpretado por el artista T Dot x Bando Gz para el álbum Coke Boys 6:Money heist edition.
Letra de T Dot x Bando Gz - Get Even
Lanzamiento: 2023
Álbum: Coke Boys 6: Money heist edition
Enviada por: Musicahiphop.info
Correcciones por: Sin correcciones
Colabora: -----

Letra de T Dot x Bando Gz - Get Even

[Intro: Tdot2Oppy & DJ Drama]
(Grrah, grrah)
Shoutout to T-Dot and Bando

[Verse 1: Bando Gz & Tdot2Oppy]
Bitch, I pop me a Perc (At all)
I can't lack for the opposition, I invest in a pole (At all, at all)
Spin all day 'til we catch a victim (Like what?)
Hop out on his block, all he hear, was just throw
Just for talkin' on bro (On bro)
Bitch, I stay with the chop bitch y'all already know
T-Dot totin' a pole (On bro)
Gunna spot em its lit i know brodie on go
If you throw up an O, know I'm droppin' it (On bro)
RPT in the spot, know we came with a lot of grips (Ayy)
Talkin', braggin', a lot of it (Like what?)
Hop out, all black, doin' shots, they anonymous
Smokin' shit, I ain't tryna diss (At all, at all)
Niggas ain't spinnin' shit, opp thot, suck a lot of dick (At all)
Masked up, 'cause we tryna hit
Make it back to the block, smoke up, then plot again
Fuck all the cappin', 'cause them niggas know who really active
Smoke a Ty Benji when out as a lacker
Beat the O, said he wasn't a factor
New opp die we roll him in a Backwood
Suck my dick, then you know that wе packed up (Grrah, grrah)
New opp die, wе roll him in a Backwoods
Suck my dick, then you know that we packed up (Grrah, grrah)

[Verse 2: Tdot2Oppy]
We just spinnin', creepin' on the opps
Call up Bando, he gon' let it flock
Flock out the flock, a Nazzy in a box (Nazzy)
Smokin' Jayrip it should've been his top (Hey)
When you see me, don't run, don't trip
Accuracy aim, put the beam on a grip (Grrah)
Tell Milly get back, he got beat with a stick
AJ got caught, he got beat with a brick
One too shady, I'm a gangster
She like "T-Dot, oh, you kinda shake time"
Too many knockers and my shit get dangerous
Brodie, he itchin' to clutch it, he anxious (Brr)
Y'all keep droppin' the jet (Like what?)
Suck my dick, tell him "Get back for X"
Jacob died, bullet ripped through his vest (Boom)
JB, he died, he got shot in his neck (Boom, boom)
DThang my evil twin word to my mother
Don't go shot on that bitch like the butter
Can't even be wylin', lookin' for the munnas
Free DrillyGzz, they have to free bro Stunna
That's a O in the spot we gon' leave him (Like what?)
Don't got chop bro fiendin to beat em (Boom)
Brought out the mop, because we had to clean 'em (Damn)
I know Reefy gon shoot for no reason
Stacks in the car, he movin' like a demon
Swear I gotta do more to get even (Grrah, grrah)
Swear I gotta do more to get—

[Outro: Tdot2Oppy]
Suck my dick
O-O shots, that's T-Dot, nigga
Grrah, grrah, grrah

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