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Letra de Lil Yachty - :(failure(:

Letra del single de música Hip Hop ':(failure(:' interpretado por el artista Lil Yachty para el álbum 'Let's Start Here'.
Letra de Lil Yachty - :(failure(:
Lanzamiento: 2023
Álbum: Let's Start Here
Enviada por: Musicahiphop.info
Correcciones por: Sin correcciones
Colabora: -----

Letra de Lil Yachty - :(failure(:

[Spoken Word]
I've seen now, well, I’ve seen failure a few times
More recently than before actually, you know
It's quite interesting how much more complicated things get when you become, quote on quote, "rich and famous"
I said, quote on quote because, you know, one man's rich to the next can be a step from poverty and it’s hard to explain that when you're so narrow-minded, seeing the world with two eyes shut, and I realize that now some people can't feel what they haven't seen, so there's no point in me trying to explain my troubles
It's not that I don't think that anyone cares, I think, like, it's up to me to fix or deal with them, you know?
I kinda look at everything, like, well, no matter what, I mean, it could be worse, you know, like, okay, say, say like I lost a finger, okay, well, I still have nine, or even like, when someone broke into my house I felt like, well, someone certainly needed more than I did, these things are replacable, you know?
It kinda just helps with stress levels to think that way, you know, kinda like, uhh it could be worse, oh, well
Easier said than done, I’m sure
But failure?
Oh man, failure oh, that took time to understand, you know?
Like, failure doesn’t mean defeat, more so, like, try again, shit, try even harder
Revise your steps and rewrite your future. Failure to me isn't, like, always a negative thing, more so, more so like just a way to relook at things, and you never know how close you are to success

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