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Letra de French Montana - Free Smoke Ft. EST Gee Big 30

Letra del single de música Hip Hop 'Free Smoke' interpretado por el artista French Montana junto a EST Gee Big 30 para el álbum Coke Boys 6.
Letra de French Montana - Free Smoke Ft. EST Gee Big 30
Lanzamiento: 2023
Álbum: Coke Boys 6: Money heist edition
Enviada por: Musicahiphop.info
Correcciones por: Sin correcciones
Colabora: EST Gee Big 30

Letra de French Montana - Free Smoke Ft. EST Gee Big 30

[Intro: EST Gee & DJ Drama]
All the the J's to name a wrestler (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Name a wrestler (Turn me up, YC)
Free smoke (Gangsta Grizzillz)
Free smoke

[Verse 1: EST Gee & BIG30]
I got my money up
They put paper on me, but can't pay a nigga to fuck with us
Boy, you got your gun or what? Get killed out here tryna knuckle up (Yeah, yeah, tryna fight)
Steady hallucinatin', seein' faces in the smoke I puff (Seein' demons)
My demons ain't my demons, they my equals, see me, say "What's up?"
How you wanna kill me, but you out the way and stay put up?
You know it's on sight with us, in broad day, get your melon bust (Get your hеad split)
I don't care he told ten yеars ago, he still might tell on us (Might tell)
Sometimes I wan' write my opps and ask 'em how bro restin' up
[?][0:29] some strong, make all the J's to name a wrestler (Yeah)
You ain't trap enough, before I rapped, I had some racks put up
Right before I came to Memphis, I was ballin', Ja Morant (Ja Morant)
They want beef with us and hope I post and turn they Insta' up (Turn they 'Gram up)
You'd do whatever for attention from the listeners (To get your bands up)
Accepted in your car ride to the mall, you put your pistol up (You put your gun up)
Right after them captions, actin', cappin', like you spinned on us (Like you spinnin')
This shit get ridiculous (Yeah, yeah), so I trust in my chopper (I trust in my gun)
55 don dada, know I send shit to the doctor (Send shit to the doctor)
That other shit be fraudulent, niggas know who got them bodies (Know who got them bodies)
Go get it out the blender, stretch that fit out like Pilates
Had money 'fore they signed me (Yeah), I was turnt before they found me (I was turnt up 'fore they found me)
I was fuckin' with cocaine way before I met Yo Gotti (Way before I met Yo Gotti)
That street shit in my veins, I count a million, can't record it (Blrrrd, blrrrd, ayy, ayy, Gangsta Grillz)

[Verse 2: French Montana]
When we smoked him, left his brains on the sidewalk (Bah-baow)
We ain't out here claimin' bodies like Sauce Walka (Woo)
Coke Boy paid dues (Coke Boy, baby)
You can catch a RICO tryna get some fake views (Fake views)
Suckers out here lose their life stuntin' with fake jewels (For fake jewels)
When you rich, you got a watch importer (Watch importer)
Niggas dirty, cook a brick in Mississippi water (Mississippi water)
Behind the wall, wifey loose, she dippin' with the homie (Dippin' with the homie, haan?)
Without a test, ain't no testimony (Testimony)
Diss the dead, I still don't condone it (Don't condone it)
They want the clout, shoot up the wake, slide back, that's how we cross promote it (Baow, baow, baow, baow)
Get the cake, get the weight, then we cook the flour (Flour)
Until we die in the grave and they bring the flowers (Coke Boy, baby)

[Chorus: French Montana]
La-di-da-di-da-di, body after body
Don't let the devil in, holy ghost in that Bugatti (Skrrt)
Free smoke, fuck what you heard about me
Everything cost, bitch, but all the smoke free
Free smoke, fuck all the talk about me (Haan?)
Everything cost, bitch, but all the smoke free (Haan?)
(Gangsta Grillz)

[Verse 3: BIG30]
Certified in these streets, you can ask them folks 'bout Lil Rodney
I was fourteen years old, strapped [?][2:00] crashin' every party
My opps know I'll kill 'em, tell me one time I won't spark 'em (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
Every clique ever had beef, dropped at least one from out they posse (They posse)
Stay full of opium, promethazine, and THC (I'm high)
It was one nigga that played, but he can't tell you, he deceased (No lie)
Promote the violence, menace to society, fuck the peace (Hell nah)
Ain't get that blrrrd from out that rod, that's the sound of the AUG (Blrrrd, blrrrd)
They shouldn't have ever showed me one bullet can kill a giant (A giant)
Very conniving, slingin' iron, a young nigga a slime (A slime)
If you gon' diss, stand on wax, people gettin' shot 'cause you hidin' (Stop hidin')
Streets fucked up my lil' brain, got me worshipping violence

[Outro: French Montana]
Everythin' cost, bitch, but all this smoke-free
Come get some of this free smoke, bitch
Montana, BIG30, EST Gee, haan?

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