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Letra de DThang - Gang Gang Ft. Kenzo B x King Combs

Letra del single de música Hip Hop 'Gang Gang' interpretado por el artista DThang junto a Kenzo B x King Combs para el álbum Coke Boys 6.
Letra de DThang - Gang Gang Ft. Kenzo B x King Combs
Lanzamiento: 2023
Álbum: Coke Boys 6: Money heist edition
Enviada por: Musicahiphop.info
Correcciones por: Sin correcciones
Colabora: Kenzo B x King Combs

Letra de DThang - Gang Gang Ft. Kenzo B x King Combs

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Shorty got potential, I could be her sponsor
I met her backstage at a Coke Boy concert
I can tell by her aura, she want Dram' the God, hahaha

[Verse 1: DThang]
Catch us an opp, we see him at the cage
Like, stop it and sell to be him, what it break?
When I get off PT, I don't miss
But I focus on music and how to get rich
Told the haters to get off my shit
Love, well, you all fell in love with my grip
Told the haters to get off my skin
Level you hope, fell in love with my grip
Like, gang, gang, gang, like, gang, gang, gang
Catch a head, then we takin' a trip
She like it that you crazy, you know that you lit
And for one, better stay with a stick
'Cause they know how I am when I [?] shit
And I'm gettin' paid for the walkthrough
If I spot 'em, I shot 'em, you know that I saw you
Nigga, it's up, better watch who you talk to
Like, baby girl, I'm a doctor, you know I ain't for you
We tote knockers on knockers on knockers
At the block, don't hate, that's his father
Our thots, when they block, finna stop it
Like, scream "RPT" and our bitches gon' cop it
Our thots, when they block, finna stop it
Like, scream "RPT" and our bitches gon' cop it (Gangsta)
They know you the one that be stylin'
Send shots, fell in love with the violence
So I see all my opps want attention
But I fall, I bust all that shit down and listen
We just gon' sign like "Kay, keep drinkin'"
Don't stop 'til the whole clan missin'
And since I was thirteen, my fingers was itchin'
Tried to sort out, but they really bitches
And I got highways, I go trippin'
If I fuck her double, then she start reminscin'
And the opps better do what they said
Can not lack, I keep one in the head
Like, remember times I ain't have no bed
Now I got that bag and I'm flyin' the rag (Gangsta Grillz)

[Verse 2: King Combs & Kenzo B]
You wanna be a shot caller, huh? You wanna hang with the ballers
I got some niggas that drill you, lift you, spin you, in that oder
Cuban link, my Audemar, I'm on fun, not fallin' off
I could turn you to a star, if I put you on my arm
Movin' and lootin' a sprinter, she wanna be with a winner
You go [?] for the dinner, she ain't the same when I'm with her
You gotta pay just to hit her
Get her a bag, it's a Birkin, Maybach for the curtains
Hoes talk, they be chirpin', OnlyFans, she be twerkin'
Hit me up if it ain't workin', like, gang, gang, gang
Like, my chain swing, like, hoppin' out the Range, like
Prezi Plain Jane like, bitch wanna stay the night
Bad bitch, she hype, could've went and passed her life (Kenzo B)
Gang, gang, gang (Look)

[Verse 3: Kenzo B]
Big money, big chain, everythin' big when it come to a boss
I kept my mind on the money, these bitches
They wanna live lavish, but they can't afford what it cost
I ain't takin' no loss (I ain't takin' no what?)
Turned my L's into lessons and now I'm above (Like)
All of them niggas that ain't show me love
Now it is what it is and it ain't what it was
They say I'm movin' different
If they wasn't hatin', they wouldn't be pressed (Facts)
And it ain't no debate
When a bitch look at me, all that bitch finna see is a threat (What you see?)
When I speak, all them bitches gon' listen, they still gon' be stressed
But I'd rather a pussy that know that she pussy
Instead of a pussy who pumpin' her chest (No cap)
But they still gotta show some respect
I put my all in this shit
I'll be damned if I go change and let 'em trick me out my spot (Grrah)
Bought out the switch and I don't gotta worry
He blitzin' if shit get sticky with the opps
I be big B, I be callin' the shots (Baow)
Laughin' the way, while they takin' my orders
Came a long way from the block to the top
All these niggas my sons and these bitches my daughters, grrah

[Outro: Kenzo B]
I'm in here

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